Orisha Coin Toss Follow Up!

This video is a follow up to the response I received during the Orisha Coin Toss ritual in June 2012.

After submitting my questions, Ogun came up in both of my coin tosses as the Orisha that I should work with.  Ogun is a powerful energy that can be invoked in order to remove barriers that limit us from reaching our highest potential, and that barrier is often our own egoic selves!

In this video I am making an offering to Ogun.

For more information on working with Ogun, listen to HRU’s podcast by clicking on the podcast banner located on the top right hand corner of this site!



Soul vs. Spirit

Soul and Spirit

What is a Soul?

What is a Spirit?

There are concepts that are hidden within language that all too often transpire our awareness without us truly taking the time to comprehend what we are linguistically expounding. To this effect we’ll address in this article the difference between a spirit and a soul.

Firstly, the soul and spirit are not synonymous with one another. A spirit is a transient force rooted to a specific level on the astral plain. The word spirit is synonymous with the words spiral and inspire. To be inspired is to be “in spirit”. The spiral represents the sacred geometry of energy and the DNA double helix.

A spirit is as strong and lasting as the energy that is injected into it. Spirits tune into various frequency’s and use these frequency’s to be fed. For instance, Whitney Houston, Bob Marley, Michael Jackson, Eartha Kitt, Phyllis Hyman, Aliyah, Tupac Amaru Shakur, Sammie Davis Jr., Isaac Hayes, Barry White, and many others are no longer physically present on the earth plane but, their spirits are still very much present because of the constant tribute they still receive due to the body of works they’ve left behind. As long as these spirit bodies are maintained in the minds of individuals, or even the collective, they are kept alive.

A Soul is a much older entity. Your soul coming from the word ‘soulph’. Your Soul exist with you throughout various incarnations so, it can literally be millions of earth years old. As opposed to a spirit body which creates itself per incarnation. Every MAN on the planet has a soul. Man meaning:

Memph – Wombmyn

Alph – Man

Nun – Child

Mankind or those who are some kind of man do not contain Souls. The possession of a soul allows one to ascend beyond the astral plains and into the higher heavens unaccessible by spirit thought forms. Each soul on the planet works towards evolving itself towards a higher ascended home beyond the astral plain and towards a return to its “home”. Plants, animals, and terrestrial bodies do contain souls. Nature contains a soul.

Each organ in your body contains its own soul as well, and the balancing and healing of those particular body parts comes through the recognition and invigorating of those particular souls. Soul controls spirit, spirit controls, thought, controls emotions, emotions control actions, actions control physical condition.

Feed the Soul and life becomes what you imagine it should be. The soul is where all of your past life talent and wisdom lies. You could , veritably, have 1000 professions and talents buried in the recess of your soul. By enlivening it and feeding it through invocation you bring out those various gifts.

Above, you’ll find the best contemporary sonic tool to invoke your soul power. Play this song when you awake, at the midday, and before you sleep and I pledge your soul will awaken to it’s power. Music is the great liberator. Use it to liberate your Soul from its current chakra house and beyond.

Stay tuned for a chakra lesson, next!

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Umfundi Group Ritual: Orisha Coin Toss!

Often times the Umfundi at Sadulu House will get together, whether it’s for a meet up where all of the Umfundi get an opportunity to meet each other  and share their experiences, or if its to occasionally grab lunch, or to simply meet to go over some homework assignments  But at other times, it’s to perform group rituals!

This one in particular was provided to me by our instructor, HRU Yuya T. Assaan. ANU who gives us in depth instruction and guidance on the Orisha.  This was so potent, and on point, that I wanted to share it with the rest of the Umfundi.

WHAT YOU’LL NEED: To perform this ritual it’s pretty simple. You’ll need a coin, and 2 white sheets of paper which you’ll cut into 7 squares so that you can put the name of each of Orisha on each square. For this ritual I worked with the 7 major energies, Obatala, Esu, Ogun, Sango, Oya, Osun, and Yemoja.  Next bring whatever else inspires YOU when you do your rituals. For this one I used frankincense and myrrh to burn on a charcoal disc, a white candle,  and a bowl of spring water which I typically use when I do my invocations.

NOTE: Whatever energy you are guided to, it is important to understand the nature of that energy and then how it applies to your situation in order for you to manifest the reality that you’re attempting to create!

HOW TO DO IT: Check it video, Enjoy & Share!




5 Position Obi: Trust Your Intuition

What I enjoy most about learning at Sadulu House is that from day one, our instructor HRU constantly shocks your mental muscles, by feeding you tons of information that your conscious mind initially has some difficulty digesting. However, if you’re open to receiving, once your conscious mind catches up to the subconscious mind to process, and accept it. The information transforms you!

In addition to the method of teaching at Sadulu House, what I truly enjoy is that you are immediately given tools, and resources to empower yourself. As an Umfumdi in the Novice class I learned 5 Position Obi within the first two months. HRU advised that some illes don’t teach it until after a year, and that’s if they even teach it at all! He also advised that some illes don’t allow Umfumdi to give offerings, or even do their own rituals etc.  So of course, as a Novice, this was shocking to me because I just assumed that all illes taught under a similiar method as Sadulu House. So I was very thankful that I was guided to a house that teaches You…to empower You!

5 Position Obi does just that. It is a very basic form of divination. It consists of Yes or No questions, and an interpretation of your questions is based on how the coconut shells fall. While it’s very basic in nature what it does is teach you how to tap into the divine energy of You, Your ORI. You are essentially asking your Higher Self questions for guidance, and overtime you’ll become more adept at trusting your own intuition and judgement. You’ll find yourself more and more saying, I knew it!

This was key for me, because prior to coming into this space, I was constantly getting readings, constantly feeling like I did not have the answers, and someone else did. However what was interesting was that most readers…or at least the ethical ones would tell me, “You come to get readings, but you already know the answers.” While I didn’t want to admit it, this was true, and I’m sure it’s the same for many of you. The problem was, I felt that I needed someone else to validate what I felt I knew.

Since that time, and learning 5 position Obi, I haven’t had a reading from anyone including our instructor in at least a year! This is not because I’m constantly casting OBI for myself, but because since I have learned OBI, I have learned to hone and trust my own intuition. As cliché as it sounds, I have learned that the answers reside within You!

How to make the OBI is very detailed, a bit long to fit here, but If you’re an Umfumdi at Sadulu House, I’m sure you’ve been taught how to make them. But For prospective students and Novice in particular, you can find very detailed instructions on how to make the Obi in the required reading “Grasping the Root of Divine Power” by our instructor , HRU Yuya T. Assaan-ANU.

I will that you enjoy your readings!

Animal Speaks


I am writing to offer a brief lesson about animal entities and energies.

The first animal I will talk about is the dog, because it’s an easy one and everybody will probably figure it out. The dog means loyalty and its’ entity is Ogun.

– Cows are Hathor, Het Hru, nurturing, and female power.
– Scorpion means does not forgive, and is Oya.
– Bees are fertility, Osiris, and Osun.
– Phoenix is Osun and turning bad into good.

The last animals to end my short lesson on Animals are the Goat, Black Panther, Horse, and Ram.
– Goat means Osun, and climbing to try to go higher in life.
– Ram means Sango, and going into things without thinking.
– Black Panther means seeing into the unseen, and also means Oya.
– Last but certainly not the least the horse. The Horse means fire, royalty, and Sango.

That’s how my lesson ends.

Beyond the Physical Eye

Mugwort Extract

One of the first lessons I had at Sadhulu house was on scrying. The purpose of this lesson was to begin to see “beyond” our physical eye. We were encouraged to use the tools that we were personally drawn to in order to develop our psychic abilities. I am personally drawn to plant-life, dreaming and crystals, therefore I was instructed to focus my attention towards communicating with plants, working with crystals and interpreting my dreams.

One plant that I am particularly fond of is Artemesia Vulgaris also known as mugwort, croneswort, black sage and common wormwood. As you can see from its name it is the herb of the Greek lunar deity Artemisia who is goddess of fertility, magic, psychic gifts and wild female nature. She is also said to be protector of girls until marriage.

Making its first appearance in the early spring, gardeners are challenged with keeping mugwort under “control”. Its thick deep tough roots burrow deep into the soil making it almost impossible to uproot. Mugwort grows just about everywhere profusely.  Instead of attempting to eradicate all of it, consider keeping a patch of mugwort for your spiritual work. I have successfully used mugwort in the following applications.

Smudge stick:  Using scissors clip 8” off of the top of the plant. You will need about 7 or 8 of these clippings. It is best to collect herb material for work during the full moon when the plant is at the height of its power. Lay out a long natural cord either made from cotton, tweed, hemp or any other natural material leaving 4” at the top and 18” at the base. Hold the base of your bundle and very tightly wind the cord closely together 4 times around the base including the run of the cord. Next, begin winding the cord with spacing about 1”-1-1/2” apart until you reach the top. Your bundle should be very compact. Once you reach the top wind cord closely again about 3-4 times. Last, tie your excess cord and your top cord together and knot three times.  While making this stick, preferably, at your alter communicate with the plant and ask for her to impart her protective and clairvoyant powers into your space. Hang your bundle to dry for about a week in a well ventilated space out of direct sunlight. When you are ready to use it, light the leafy end where the stems are thin. A good time to burn mugwort is prior to divining.

Dream pillow: Using scissors trim 6 inches off of the tops of 6 flowering plants.  Bundle the bases with cord allowing the rest to be free.  Hang them in a well ventilated area to dry for about 2-3 weeks.  Now that the herb is dry, place the bundle in a sachet made of silk, muslin, cotton or any other natural cloth and place it under your pillow or inside of your pillow case.  This plant helps you to remember your dreams and is said to evoke prophetic dreams.

Bath: Follow the same steps as for the dream pillow but instead of placing it into a sachet place it in a large pot of cold water and cover it. Bring the water to a slow simmer on low heat and allow it to simmer for 15 minutes. Turn the heat off and allow to completely cool before opening the lid (at least 30 min). Add 2 cups of this strong tea to a bath of warm water while invoking Artemis to sharpen your psychic abilities. To this bath I have added rosemary essential oil which is used to stimulate clear thinking.  This bath also doubles as an excellent floor wash that does a good job of resetting the energy of a home. When I used this floor wash I added 1 cup of ammonia, which is also used to clear out unwanted energy.

An Offering to Your ORI


Some time ago, HRU stated that I should begin giving my head more offerings, in an effort to manifest what I wanted in life – love and success. The offering that he suggested was the gel inside of an Aloe Vera plant. Honestly, I was a bit skeptical about putting the gook inside of an aloe vera plant on my hair; however it is one of the best hair conditioners that I have ever used. In addition to this plant being a wonderful condivioner, the Aloe Vera plant can be used to manifest healing and beauty.

Aloe Vera was used by the ancient Egyptians to improve their beauty and health. The ancient Nile Valley civilization of Khemet used aloe vera for medicinal treatments, beauty care, and embalming.

By many aloe vera is considered a miracle plant, because it is usually involved in numerous beauty regimes and has the same pH as skin, 4.5.

According to Dr. Rueben Titus, aloe vera is composed of 99% water, and the other 1% is divided amongst 200 different constituents, constituting a marvelously diverse mixture of antibiotics, pain inhibitors, cell growth stimulators, inflammation fighters, burns healers, capillary dilators, vasoconstrictor inhibitors and moisturizers all having a remarkable degree of penetration. How amazing!

Therefore, Aloe Vera is the perfect plant to incorporate into an offering to your head for Osun, who is the lover of all that is beautiful and a powerful healer. Aloe Vera has the ingredients to heal and of course make you more naturally beautiful.

To make your Osun Aloe Vera conditioner for your ritual you’ll need the following:

  • An Aloe Vera Plant
  • Therapeutic grade Lavender essential oil
  • A wooden Spoon
    1. Cut off a mature leaf with a sharp knife.
    2. Slice the leaf open
    3. Scoop out all of the gel into a wooden bowl
    4. Add 5 drops of lavender essential oil
    5. Mix the ingredients together
    6. Cleanse your scalp and hair with a cleansing conditioner
    7. Place your Osun conditioner on your hair, while doing this thank Osun for her presence, acknowledge her energy and request healing, beauty, love,
    8. Place a plastic bag on your hair.
    9. With the plastic bag still on your hair, wrap a steaming hot towel around your head (Think conditioning steam treatment) or you can also use a heated conditioning cap for this step.
    10. Leave on your hair for 30 minutes, during this time visualize yourself receiving all that you’ve requested.
    11. Rinse the conditioner from your hair
    12. Moisturize and style your hair as usual.

I usually do this ritual once a week, as it is pretty simple and I have to say Ms. Osun works quickly.



The Lonely Road


A family member was venturing to commune with the ancestors. She was introduced to Hoodoo by a Nigerian man, a follower of Ife, whom she dated for a spell. He introduced her to the practice but shortly thereafter returned to Nigeria and she moved to Virginia out of the New York area.

In Virginia, she was surrounded by family members who were following a different doctrine and religion. Fear of isolation led her to keep the information learned to herself. With no one to talk to she relied heavily on books and the Internet for information. By chance one day at a family gathering someone mentioned ancestors and she replied “You have to feed them.” I replied “Yes, you do.” Our eyes met briefly and the connection that we were on the same road was made. We recognized that we were on the same journey, however under different circumstances. I shared with her all that I had learned to the best of my ability. We would spend hours on the phone conversing and sharing. As much as she desired to commune with the spirits, fear was holding her back. After many long conversations with her I began recognize it for what it was.

a. The fear of isolation. As Africans in America we have embraced other religions without the willingness to even hear about anything else. For us, spiritual conversation about anything outside of the mainstream garnishes a number of reactions: requests for more information, isolation, loathing and/or banishment. It’s considered going against the grain, which is unacceptable; or could lead you to the gates of hell.

b. The fear of opening Pandora’s Box. Movies like the Exorcist, Poltergeist, and The Serpent and the Rainbow are designed to convince us of lurking danger. The continuous theme is good people turned bad when confronted with the spirit realm. While your intentions may be good the outcome could be detrimental. Once you let them in, your life could be turned upside down. In reality just the opposite is the case.

c. The fear of the unknown. What do I say to the spirit? How should I dress? What kind of food to offer? Which language should I use? Am I saying it properly or am I insulting them?

All of the above stems from the uncomfortable position of stepping in to a new area.

To my cousin and all new initiates I say I had all the same questions and fears. I was fortunate not to have to go it alone. Having entered this journey with the support of HRU as my teacher and guide, I recognize how fortunate I am. However, you should know that you are not alone. The pull that you feel to commune with your ancestors is your ancestors attempting to commune with you. Approach them and they will help you along the way. Pay close attention to your dreams, and the conversations you have when you “talk to yourself”. Often that’s where you will hear the voices.

Welcome to the Sadulu House Blog

The Sadulu House Blog is a social environment of learning primarily supported by you the Umfundi!

As Umfundi of Sadulu House, here you will be able to share your experiences, knowledge, and awareness that you have gained throughout your spiritual journey as a truth seeker under the guidance and spiritual disciplines provided by the Sadulu House Instructor.

Whether you’re a Novice or an Advanced Umfundi, collectively we all have something to contribute to one another.  Sharing the tools and knowledge that you have acquired may be the impetus to one’s awakening. Also through sharing you may help others better understand the uniqueness of their personal walk towards spiritual ascension and enlightenment.

Although Umfundi, you’re also Teachers. I encourage you to seek the teacher within, and share your pearls of wisdom.

The Orisha – From External to Eternal Part II

As we have spirits of
The sea…Olokun or Madre De Agua or Yemoja
The forest….Ogun or Ogou or Zarabanda or Orisha Oko or Osoosi
Wind….Oya or Centalla Ndoki or Erzulie Danto
Fresh water…Osun or Erzulie Freda or Lakshmi or Het-HRU
Wisdom….Obatala or Damballah or Tehuti or Orunmila
Opportunity….Esu or Elegba or Hermes or Mercury

These earthly materializations also exist inside our own internal temples and are coordinated internally to the rhythm that we command. Through our pineal organ.

What that means is Orisha are not here to lord over you, you are, in fact, charged with the responsibility of regulating their presence on earth and “heaven”.

As above so below. As within, so without, as internal so external.
If you are in command of the rivers of blood within your body, the wind or air that enters and exists your body, and the fire that you internal hold in your body, then you are also in command of those energies outside your body although metaphysic tells us that all things are connected so, therefore there can never truly be an inner and outer realm as all things are one but, let’s focus on the Orisha energies for now.

Once western religious beliefs get a hold of an individual far too often the western master- slave notion becomes the underlying relationship in all things; even the idea of everything and everyone being naturally at odds. Reflecting this mindset spirits become eternal foes, as highlighted in the book “Suicidal Family”; family relationships give rise to battle ready adversaries and even different spiritual systems can be sent, literally, to go to war against one another. This is a new age model of confrontation diametrically opposes the traditional reasons for going to battle; which was to come to one understanding. One idea, in the west, we’ve become adjusted all too well to the idea of incessant warfare just for the sake of being at war.

To truly comprehend the Orisha energy it’s important to know that they are spiritual gifts and spiritual powers that exist in harmony inside of you and are here to assist your journey. You are not their master and they are not your slaves or vice-versa. The Orisha are your supporters to complete spiritual awareness and elevated consciousness on this earthly plain. This is key in owning this new 2012 spiritual awareness and consciousness while we prepare for this 2012 spiritual shift. Now, if you want them to lord over you and you desire to be subordinate, then that’s your prerogative. As in “Grasping the Root of Divine Power”I will share with you how I work with these celestial energies and how they work with me……
Stay tuned…